These vitamin-fortified bananas might get you thinking differently about GMOs [March 25, 2016]

Our scientists have scored high in this field. We move with our heads high [March 25, 2016]

Uganda seeks ways to manage the regulation of biotechnology [March 16, 2016] 

Kenya approves limited GM maize release [February 09, 2016] 

Uganda’s First Field Observation of GM Potato Shows Extreme Resistance to Late Blight [January 27, 2016] 

Ending hunger and malnutrition in our lifetime: Highlights from Rajiv Shah’s keynote remarks at the 25th annual Forman Lecture organised by IFPRI [January 11, 2016] 

Africa takes fresh look at GMO crops as drought blights continent [January 07, 2016] 

Kenyan regulator to decide on fate of GMO crops this month [January 04, 2016] 

Kenya National Biosafety Authority Receives Public Comments on Bt Cotton Environmental Release Application [December 16, 2015] 

East African Scientists and Regulators Undergo Advanced Biosafety Course [November 18, 2015] 

All Certified Organic Sweet Potatoes are GMOs [November 13, 2015] 

Uganda’s President GMOs’ Endorsement Tips Scales in Reluctant Parliament [November 02, 2015] 

Report on Global Status of Biotech/GM Crops

Malnutrition reversal: The hidden promise of Biotechnology [October 11 2014]  

New Book: GM Agricultural Technologies for Africa: A State Of Affairs [September 2014] 

Video: Bill to regulate GMO products awaits Parliament debate [September 10 2014] 

MPs, scientists and stakeholders discuss biosafety bill in Uganda [August 13 2014] 

Vitamin A Banana tested [June 18 2014] 

The problems with the arguments against GM crops [June 03 2014]

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  1. Scientific advances and the resulting technological innovations are known to be the main drivers for economic growth and transformation. Uganda’s effort at achieving a higher economic growth rate is increasingly embracing Science and Technology to achieve a knowledge-based technology-led economy.

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