Let us Get Bacterial Wilt Resistant Bananas [August 3, 2016]


Tackling Uganda's Banana Crisis: Interview with Mr. Erostus Nsubuga, Founder and Chairman of Agro-Genetic Technologies, Inc. (AGT) [July 18, 2016]


107 Nobel Laureates Sign Letter Blasting Greenpeace Over GMOs [June 29, 2016]


GMO: African Voices Must be Heard [June 28, 2016]


European Parliament Double Standard on GM Crops: The Saga of Two Elephants Fighting [June 28, 2016]


Tanzania is Ready for GM Crops, Affirms Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Agriculture [June 22, 2016]


How 10th Parliament can prove commitment to agriculture [June 01, 2016]


Ordeal of a Potato Farmer who Harvested 4 Kgs from 80 Kgs he Planted [May 27, 2016]


NARO Institute Develops New Potato Variety to Curb Late Blight [May 25, 2016]


The Science is in: GM Crops Will Save the World [May 24, 2016]


Scientists Say GMO Foods Are Safe, Public Skepticism Remains [May 17, 2016]


UBBC asks parliament to pass GMO bill [May 05,2016]


NARO starts trial on banana bacterial wilt resistant varieties [March 23, 2016]


UNCST wants to work with government agencies to regulate GM products [March 04, 2016]


Counting potential benefits of biotechnology to Uganda [March 02, 2016]


European Food Safety Authority: Glyphosate unlikely to cause cancer [November 12, 2015].


Activists threaten adoption of virus resistant GMO cassava that could rescue Africa's staple [August 14, 2015].


Kenya to lift ban on GMOs in two months[Aug 12, 2015].


Kenyan scientists seek approval to release insect-protected maize variety to farmers to boost food security [July 27, 2015].


Biosafety short course carried out by NEPAD in collaboration with Michigan State University and Makerere University for African regulators [July 13 - 17, 2015].













The problems with the arguments against GM crops [June 03 2014]


Law to regulate GMO use is essential [January 07 2014]   


GMO touted as solution to Uganda's food problems [December 20 2013]


Research Report: Biosafety of GM Crops in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania [December 17 2013]


Uganda should embrace GMO technology [December 15 2013]



NARO: Uganda’s First GMO Bananas Due In 2016 [July 01 2013] ] 


Kenya's GMO ban has no legal basis, official says [May 16 2013]    


Is Uganda missing out on the global market for biotech crops? [May 15 2013]


Genetic Modification in Crops a Natural Process of Survival[May 15 2013]


Harvard Prof. Vouches for Modified Seeds in Uganda [May 6 2013]



Uganda Biotech & Biosafety Bill tabled in Parliament [February 102013] 


Melon genome obtained. [July 03 2012]   


Natural Plant Protein Converted Into Drug-Delivery Vehicles.[July 03 2012]


Should manufacturers be required to label genetically-modified food? No, altered foods are proven safe [July 02 2012]


New revolution knocking at Africa’s door.[June 30 2012]



Scientists Refute Greenpeace Claim That Genetically Modified Corn Caused New Insect Pest [January 07 2012] 


New crop varieties can cut poverty, study finds [January 03 2012]


Review shows no long-term health impact of GM plant diets [2012]


USDA deregulates drought tolerant trait for corn [December 21, 2011]








Scientists join lobby for biotechnology law.[September 07 2011]







Nigeria's Senate passes biosafety bill. [June 15 2011]



Fight against wheat rust needs sustained investment. [May 05 2011]


The GM debate is about more than biosafety [April 28 2011]








Transgenic Crops: How Genes Jump from Crop to Crop. [December 01 2010]


Gene Discovery Suggests Way to Engineer Fast-Growing Plants. [November 11 2010]]







COMESA wants biotech policies harmonised [September 16 2010]


Green Revolution plan agreed at Ghana meeting. [September 10 2010]


Push to protect environment with bio-tech. [September 02 2010]


Potential impact of investments in drought tolerant maize in Africa. [September 02 2010]



GM report adds twist to Peruvian defamation case. [August 25 2010]



Argentina wins Monsanto GM patent dispute in Europe. [July 21 2010]


Drought-tolerance: a learning challenge for poor farmers. [July 14 2010]


Virus-resistant cassava could be available by 2015. [July 09 2010]


Europe’s New Approach to Biotech Food. [July 07 2010]



FAO urges early action on climate change responses.  [June 01 1010]


Super crops [May 12 2010]


Biotech in Africa: Titans battle on the African front.[ May 10 2010 ]


Genetically Modified Food and the Global Fight Against Hunger. [May 6, 2010]


Developing a Biosafety Law: Lessons from the Kenyan Experience. [May 2010]


‘May contain’ or ‘does contain’: price & trade issues with GM maize. [May 2010]


Popular misconceptions: agricultural biotechnology. [March 2010]


Summary of biotech news. [March 24, 2010]


Genetically Modified for the People. [March 11, 2010]


The biotech factor: GM cotton trials in Uganda. [Jan. 27, 2010]


Crop biofortification, key to achieving Millennium Development Goals. [Jan 27, 2010]


Engineered pea seeds protect against parasites. [Sept. 10, 2009]


Melons Sweetened With DNA Sequence [July 6, 2009]


Scientists Closer to Developing Salt-tolerant Crops [July 8, 2009]

Virus-resistant Grapevines [July 2, 2009]

Projected food, energy demands seen to outpace production [June 25, 2009]

Marker-free transgenic cassava plants [June 12, 2009]

HIV Vaccine from Engineered Plants [May 18, 2009]

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