National Events


Banana Research in Africa: Modern Breeding Techniques, Regulatory and Biosafety Issues, Kampala Uganda [Sept 19 - 30, 2016]

The course aims at Africans engaged in banana improvement programs including as well scientists, regulators and lawyers to train them (1) in modern breeding techniques, (2) on how to collect relevant and reliable data for risk analysis and (3) how to communicate their scientific results and goals. The deadline for registration is on June 30, 2016. For more Information, visit the course wewbsite


UBBC Annual General Meeting

The Uganda Biotechnology and Biosafety Consortium convened its first Annual General Meeting on July 28, 2016. Members elected the new executive committee. For further information, please contact the UBBC Coordinator


Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology in Africa (OFAB): Kampala, Uganda.

Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology in Africa (OFAB) provides an opportunity to discuss biotech issues in relation to economic impacts, environmental protection, policy and trade. Meetings take place every month.


UNCST Biosafety Forum 2016, Kampala, Uganda (Feb. 01-02, 2016)

The Uganda National Council of Technology (UNCST) convened the Biosafety Forum 2016 on February 01-02, 2016 at the Protea Hotel, Kampala. The theme for the forum was "Building Trust in the Regulatory System for Biotechnology". For further information on this event, please contact


NABIO 2015: The 2nd Biennial National Agricultural Bio-Sciences Conference, Nov. 23rd - 25th, Makerere University.

The Science Foundation for Livelihoods and Development (SCIFODE) and its partners will host the 2nd Biennial National Agricultural Bio-sciences Conference (NaBio2015) under the theme: Advancing Agro-biosciences and Innovations for Climate Smart Agriculture. It will facilitate discourse amongst key agricultural bio-sciences and climate change stakeholders like farmers, researchers, academia, students, private sector players, donor agencies, agricultural extension officers, civil society members, policy makers, and government officials from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Africa, and beyond. For further information please contact:, twitter: @nabio2015, Facebook: National Agricultural Bioscience Conference 2015.


Advanced Course in Regulatory and Biosafety Issues (IPBO, VIB-UGent): Entebbe Uganda.

Advanced course in regulatory and biosafety issues of agricultural biotechnology in the East African region - Case study: Late Blight Resistant Potato. The venue is Entebbe, Uganda from November 4 - 13, 2015. It is organised by IPBO and VIB-UGent (University of Gent).


International Events



FAO International Symposium on "The Role of Agricultural Biotechnologies in Sustainable Food Systems and Nutrition". February 15-17, FAO Headquarters, Rome, Italy.

The internatioanal symposium will explore how the application of science and technology, particularly agricultural biotechnologies, can benefit smallholders in developing sustainable food systems and improving nutrition in the context of climate change. The symposium takes a multi-sectoral approach, covering the crop, livestock, forestry, and fisheries sectors. It also aims to cover the wide spectrum of available biotechnologies including microbial food fermentation, tissue culture in plants, reproductive technologies in livestock, use of molecular markers, genetic modification and other technologies.


ABIC 2015 (Agricultural Biotechnology Conference-2015) September 7 - 9, Melbourne, Australia.

The theme for ABIC 2015 is "New thinking, new discoveries and new applications". In addition to building on past accomplishments to create a strong and sustainable industry, the program will celebrate innovation in agriculture biotechnology.


Conference GMCC-15
The seventh International Conference on coexistence between Genetically Modified (GM) and non-GM based agricultural supply chains. This will take place in November 17 - 20, 2015, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.